Students' projects during mobility (MEi:CogSci programme)

Year Student's name Project title
2017 Tim Reinboth, Tomaz Babic On the emergence of abstraction
2016 Tine Kolenik, Jan Jug, Andre Ofner Development of abstract thinking: Enactive approach to visuo-spatial mental imagery
2015 Alexander Khosrov Grigoryan A review of recent experimental findings in using neurofeedback to improve motor function
2014 Dominic Reichl Using OpenViBE to test a brain-computer interface based on motor imagery
2013 André Hoffmann Using common spatial patterns for EEG feature selection
2013 Soheil Khosravipour Self-awareness and user-awareness through theory of mind and empathy
2013 Tobias Schoeberl Human, animal and non-animate point-light motion: Effects on EEG mu-rhythm suppression
2012 Gabriella Daróczy Measuring the EEG mu-rhythm desynchronization associated with motor actions
2011 Raphael Deimel Making sense - An integrative view on understanding action and observation
2010 Christian Papauschek Autonomous learning and exploration
2009 Stephanie Schreitter Processing and comprehending meaningless sentences