Students' projects during mobility (MEi:CogSci programme)

Year Student's name Project title
2020 Primož Prevc Modelling other agents using oneself in multiagent reinforcement learning
2020 Jan-Ove Wiesner Cognitive abilities for human-robot collaboration on a block manipulation task
2019 Rebecca Varga Hand pose recognition using artificial neural networks
2018 Benjamin Fele, Lenart Motnikar Object grasping with a robotic arm using reinforcement learning
2018 Aleš Žagar A connectionist model of spatial relations
2018 Anna Riedl Making sense of the cognitive science(s)
2017 Tim Reinboth, Tomaz Babic On the emergence of abstraction
2016 Tine Kolenik, Jan Jug, Andre Ofner Development of abstract thinking: Enactive approach to visuo-spatial mental imagery
2015 Alexander Khosrov Grigoryan A review of recent experimental findings in using neurofeedback to improve motor function
2014 Dominic Reichl Using OpenViBE to test a brain-computer interface based on motor imagery
2013 André Hoffmann Using common spatial patterns for EEG feature selection
2013 Soheil Khosravipour Self-awareness and user-awareness through theory of mind and empathy
2013 Tobias Schoeberl Human, animal and non-animate point-light motion: Effects on EEG mu-rhythm suppression
2012 Gabriella Daróczy Measuring the EEG mu-rhythm desynchronization associated with motor actions
2011 Raphael Deimel Making sense - An integrative view on understanding action and observation
2010 Christian Papauschek Autonomous learning and exploration
2009 Stephanie Schreitter Processing and comprehending meaningless sentences