Martin Takáč: Curriculum Vitae


Centre for Cognitive Science
Department of Applied Informatics
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava

Current position

associate professor


Academic work experience

Professional activities/service

  • Since 2020: member of the Standing Committee on Ethics and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence at the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic
  • Member of examining boards for state exams in Artificial Intelligence, Applied Informatics and Cognitive Science
  • Founding member of the Slovak Society for Cognitive Science (SSKV).
  • Member of the Cognitive Science Society (2013, 2016).
  • Member of the consortium for the preparation of the Central European Joint Master's Program in Cognitive Science MEi: CogSci (2007-08, 2011-present).
  • Member of the External Advisory Board of the FP7 EU Man4Gen project “Manual Operation for 4th Generation Airliners” - cognitive aspects of aviation safety (2012-2015).
  • Program committee member for ICANN (2020, 2021) and Cognition and Artificial Life (2014, 2016-2019) conferences.
  • 2009-18: associate editor of the International Journal of Agent Technologies and Systems (IJATS).
  • Book reviewer for MIT press

Research interests

  • connectionist modeling of meaning construction, language production and acquisition
  • cognitive architectures
  • cognitive semantics, adaptive knowledge representation
  • cognitive science
  • artificial neural networks, self-organization
  • qualitative reasoning

Teaching experience

  • 2019-present: Science, technology and humanity: opportunities and risks
  • 2019-present: Pedagogical communication.
  • 2008, 2011-present: Cognitive Semantics and Cognitive Theories of Representation (within the Middle-European interdisciplinary master program in Cognitive Science MeiCogSci)
  • 2006-2008, 2011-present: Introduction to Cognitive Science (MeiCogSci)
  • 1998-2008, 2012-present: Qualitative Modeling and Simulation (lectures and seminars).
  • 2005, 2007-08, 2012-present: Communication Training (seminars).
  • 2001-2007: Cognitive Science (lectures and seminars).
  • 2001-2008: Internet Distance Education Program Cognitive Sciences (lectures, participation).
  • 1999-2000: Expert Systems (seminars).
  • 1999: Expert Systems (seminars as an external lecturer at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovak Technical University).
As of 2021, I have supervised 3 ongoing PhD theses, 29 completed and 2 ongoing MSc. theses and 7 completed BSc. theses, and served as an external examiner (opponent) for 25 MSc., BSc and PhD. theses.


  • 2012 - Peter Fedor's Prize - for excellent results in computational modeling of language acquisition and evolution
  • 2008 - New Zealand BuildIT scholarship
  • 1997 - Slovak Literary Foundation award
  • 1997 - Chancellor/Rector's award for the best diploma thesis

Project participation

  • 2021-23: Computational modelling of early development of social skills in human-robot interaction. VEGA 1/0645/21 (deputy PI).
  • 2018-20: Learning of a robotic system in a human-robot interaction. VEGA 1/0796/18 (deputy PI).
  • 2014-17: Does language syntax mirror the structure of sensorimotor cognition? Marsden Fund 13-UOO-048, New Zealand (with Alistair Knott and Lubica Benuskova)
  • 2014-17: From sensory-motor processes to higher cognition: Computational modeling of mental development in an embodied cognitive agent. VEGA 1/0898/14 (deputy PI).
  • 2012-15: FP7 EU project Man4Gen “Manual Operation for 4th Generation Airliners” (member of external advisory board).
  • 2011-13: Constructivist modeling of early cognitive development in an embodied cognitive agent. VEGA 1/0439/11 (deputy PI).
  • 2009-10: The sensorimotor grounding of language: a computational model. BuildIT postdoc award, New Zealand (with Alistair Knott and Lubica Benuskova).
  • 2008-10: Modeling self-organization in complex systems with focus on language domain VEGA 1/0361/08 (with I. Farkaš and M. Markošová).
  • 2007: Integrated Model of Autonomous Meaning Construction JPD 3 BA 2005/1-043 (PI).
  • 2006-2008: Environment for Multi-Agent Systems Specification, grant APVV-20-P04805 (PI J. Šefránek) in cooperation with Whitestein Technologies, s.r.o.
  • 2006-2008: Non-standard Models of Computation: Specification, Complexity, Security, grant VEGA 1/3105/06 (with D. Gruska).
  • 2006: Cognitive Semantics for Dynamic Environments, young grant UK/402/2006 (PI).
  • 2003-05: Network Computing, grant VEGA 1/0172/03 (PI D. Gruska).
  • 2000-02: Models of concurrent, parallel and intelligent computations, grant VEGA 1/7654/20 (PI D. Gruska).
  • 1997-99: Specification Methods of Complex Programming Systems: from Principles to Applications (PI P. J. Voda).
  • 1995-96: Development of rule base tutor interpreter for the air-pollution monitoring system RAINS developed by IIASA Wien.

Other Experiences