About the Cognition and Neural Computation group

Welcome to the CNC group that is based at the Department of Applied Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics (FMPI), of the Comenius University in Bratislava. Although biased towards informatics, our group aims at interdisciplinary research and is strongly connected with our master programme in cognitive science (MEi:CogSci).
We are also part of the Centre for Cognitive Science in Slovakia.

The CNC research focuses on the neural networks and their use in solving various task, including computational cognitive science. In particular we are interested in these areas:

  • cognitive robotics, mainly sensorimotor learning
  • deep neural networks for image processing
  • language acquisition and processing, symbol grounding, cognitive semantics
  • (hierarchical) reinforcement learning
  • models with intrinsic motivation
  • computational analysis of artificial neural networks (adversarially trained models)

The group also pursues empirical research related to motor cognition, using the EEG measurement device. In this research we collaborate with the Institute of Measurement Science, Slovak Academy of Science. In particular, we are interested in:

  • motor imagery, neural rehabilitation, BCI
  • cognition in virtual and mixed reality (new)
  • human-robot interaction (new)

For research and education, we use a new NICO humanoid robot (torso with arms and head), Niryo robotic arm, and virtual reality headset HTC Vive pro Eye, as well as 16-channel g.USBamp EEG amplifier.