Useful info about the Faculty

How to get there.

Opening hours

The buliding has two entrances: from the South (Physics building) and from the East (Mathematics building). Most of your classes will take place in the Informatics building which is attached to Mathematics, so you will want to use the East entrance. After entering the building and passing the reception, turn right for the Informatics building. The East entrance is open on working days bw 6:00-20:15 (but check the label on the door for uptodate info). After these hours use the Physics entrance (both buildings are connected).

Where to eat

The Faculty has a canteen (FAYNFOOD) in the Physics building close to the South entrance and a cafeteria (FREEFOOD - note, the food is not free there :)) in the Mathematics wing, at the end of the long corridor straight opposite to the East entrance. The full price for a lunch is approx. 6 Eur, with a discount on ISIC card. The current menu, as well as other dining options, can be found here.

There are several buffees, a cafeteria and a pizzeria in the nearby Faculty of natural sciences and Faculty of information technologies, and plenty others are in the student's dormitory area in Slávičie údolie.


The Faculty's library is on the basement floor of the Informatics building. Besides books on math and physics, it recently dedicated a special shelf to several hundreds of cognitive science related books.


Eduroam Wifi is available in the Faculty buildings - you should be able to log in with your home university Eduroam credentials.

Students's Guide to the Faculty

You can find a lot more practical information (in English) in this Guide". Highly recommended!

Practical info about Bratislava

Need help with finding accomodation in Bratislava? University provides accomodation in student dormitories in Mlynská dolina. There is also a Facebook group (self-organized by the students) to search, exchange, and offer homes in Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Vienna and beyond- you might find it useful when plannig your mobility. Note also a general Discord group for MEi:CogSci students (also self-organized).

Public transport in BA.

Lots of other practical information about life in Bratislava can be found here.

Where possible, the external links point to English versions of university-level webpages, however not many of the pages exist in English. For the time being, please use Google translator or ask a Slovak speaker for help. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

Obtaining visa

If you are a citizen of a country with which the Slovak Republic has visa relations, you must first obtain a visa (student, working, tourist, etc.). More information here.