Members of CNC Group

Principal investigators

  • Igor Farkaš - cognitive robotics, language learning, neural networks, action understanding and motor imagery
  • Ľubica Beňušková - biophysical neuron models, plasticity
  • Martin Takáč - cognitive semantics and knowledge representation, computational models of language emergence and language acquisition
  • Barbora Cimrová (part-time) - action understanding and motor imagery
  • Kristína Rebrová (part-time, currently on maternity leave) - embodied cognition, cognitive robotics, mirror neurons and motor resonance, cognitive semantics and categorization

PhD students


Each year, a number of local students from bachelor and master programmes in applied informatics, as well as the master programme in cognitive science work on projects related CNC research areas. Members of the CNC group also supervise foreign students during their mobilty in Bratislava (MEi:CogSci consortium).