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RNDr. Kristína Malinovská, PhD.
Centre for Cognitive Science
Department of Applied Informatics
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Comenius University
Mlynská dolina, 842 48 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

E-mail: kristina[[dot]]rebrova[[at]]fmph[[dot]]uniba[[dot]]sk
Office: I-33ab (building of informatics)
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Hello world!

I am a research and teaching assistant on the department of applied informatics FMFI UK. I have done my dissertation research in the field of cognitive robotics where I have focused on modeling grounding of meaning in sensorimotor cognition and modeling of mirror neuron system in humanoid robots. From the beginning of my PhD studies until present I have been working as a teacher at the MEi:CogSci master's programme. See the teaching section for more information.